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*** FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING with any Orders of $55 Automatic ***
*** FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING with any Orders of $55 Automatic ***


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Let the Tyrants know where you stand!

I put them on the back window of my vehicle 👍

Washington's Commander-In-Chief "JACK"

I have this First "JACK" Proudly displayed on my Navy Blue winter coat! It is a very Smart design, but I wish that this Company would make two modifications to it. First is to make the "Blue" a darker Blue, and second, make the Stars similar to the "Whiskey Rebellion" Stars Patch. While this particular patch is nice, it is not True to the Original Design. Please see my photos below, and it is my hope that this Great Company will make these two "very special" changes, as I will most definitely be picking up a few of them to Exhibit on several items that I have in store for them. Very respectfully, Michael 🇺🇸

Gadson US Navy Ensign

This American Revolution Standard is a Most Wonderful pickup for me! I have this Banner Patch Proudly worn on the upper sleeve of my Navy Blue winter coat! And I am Extremely Impressed with the Detail and Color of this patch! I actually witnessed someone looking at my Patch when I had my coat hanging in my Doctors office! I am most certain that you will find the same reaction from different people when they observe this time endured Standard! Very respectfully, Michael 🇺🇸

Incredible Quality

This isn't your grandads issued flag patch. These are SUPER high quality, rigid, exceptionally vivid and bright colors, and care of manufacturing is obvious. Highly recommended. I wanted a Made in the USA 3x5 flag patch, and I'm so glad the Google overlords fed me this company as a top result.

Great product and service

Outstanding service and cap and patches fit great. I got the coyote cap to add my patch and match the Sig.

Great Quality Patch

I have it on a bag with a velco strip for patches. The detail is nice and sharp and it sticks perfectly.

Won’t buy from anywhere else

The patches are the top of the line. Nothing else comes close on the market. I love these guys and will for sure be coming back for more patches.

Great Service

Shipping was quick.Flag was at a fair price.Lightweight and flies well in a breeze.
Don’t Tread on Me!!!

Great selection

Love my patches, looks great on my gun bag. Very happy with my purchase.

Great, visual, patch

These security patches are easy to read from a distance, durable, and I love them. All my employees wear 511 caps with these patches. Where are they available? Gadsden and Culpeper. It’s that simple!

Great Service and Price

Great flag, expedited shipping, and value!

"That's bad luck man" "Nah its smart..all DELTA do that"

Well made and easy to read, the blood type patch looks and feels like quality. Perfect addition to my IFAK. My girls can add them to packs and other camping gear. Must have thanks Gadsden and Culpepper.

Don't tread on me Flag

I'v had other DTOM flags but I especially like the Big Bold Eastern Rattlesnake and grass that makes a Statement on this 3X5 Gadsden Flag.

This has a few bonus Protections to boot.
UV Block
Anti Rain & Acid Protection
Brass Gromits and 4Roes stitching on the Fly Side
With heavy 100D Polister Fabric that's wind resistant at a reasonable price point.

Good product

Great quality patches. Excellent colors and good looking.


Am very proud to own our civil peace flag, the average person doesn’t recongize it and wants to know what it is!! 😃🙃😊

Fitted cap

Ordered the large and fits great. I have a Condor brand backpack for work and their quality is great.

Great hat for the price!

Got a good deal for the hat and patch and currently am wearing it!

Medical Patch

My item arrived quick and was exactly what I needed for my IFAK

Blood Type Patches

The items I received were exactly what I needed for my IFAK bag. They got there fast to.

Thanks Don’t give up the ship

Perfect can’t wait to do more business with your company. Keep the faithDon’t give up the ship

In Order To Form A More Perfect Morale Patch

I love this "We The People" patch! It's top, front and center in my patch collection. We The People are the masters over government, we can choose how we want things done - something that no other country on earth can do as we do, even purportedly Western 'democratic' nations. We need to remember this on every Election Day!

Nice patch

The copper color is very nice. The stitching is well done. It’s going to be great to explain the meaning of E Pluribus Unum to those who don’t know.

Superb customer service

After my order failed to arrive a replacement was sent out immediately. For an order that was under $5 you have to realize it was a complete loss for the company. I felt bad requesting the replacement. I sincerely hope these issues with our postal service do not get any worse.

Can’t have just one of your t shirts

Love, love, love your t shirt designs. They are bold and unapologetically American. Real good quality and great price too.

Kryptek/Multicam hat

Condor stuff is notorius for sketchy stiching where they really need it...that being said, so far so good with the hat, I'm not kneeling or anything.