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Whiskey Rebellion Historical Flag Patch

This Whiskey Rebellion flag is so beautiful, we had to make it into a patch.

The Whiskey Rebellion (also known as the Whiskey Insurrection) was a tax protest in the United States beginning in 1791 and ending in 1794 during the presidency of George Washington, ultimately under the command of American Revolutionary war veteran Major James McFarlane.


The Washington administration's suppression of the Whiskey Rebellion met with widespread popular approval. The episode demonstrated that the new national government had the willingness and ability to suppress violent resistance to its laws. It was viewed by the Washington administration as a success. The Washington administration and its supporters usually did not mention that the whiskey excise remained difficult to collect and many refused to pay the tax. The events contributed to the formation of political parties in the United States. The whiskey tax was repealed after Thomas Jefferson's Republican Party came to power in 1801 which opposed the Federalist Party of Hamilton and Washington.


Custom made Tactical Cap Front Patch Highest Thread count embroidery, VELCRO® brand fastener backing.

Made in the USA

Don't forget we have the matching back of hat 1” x 3 3 / 4” morale patch!


The Original Dont Tread On Me Outfitters

Since colonial days, the rattlesnake has been used to portray the spirit of Americans. In 1774, Colonel Gadsden emphasized this by printing the legend "DONT TREAD ON ME" on his flag. The words swept the nation. The Culpeper Minutemen raised another defiant fist at the enemy by adding "LIBERTY OR DEATH" to Gadsden’s flag.