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First Flag of Maine Historical Tactical Flag Patch

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In 1901, Maine adopted its first official state flag. It featured a white pine tree and a blue north star set on a plain, buff background. The banner was unique, unlike any other flag in the world. Seven years later, the legislature replaced it with a generic “seal on a blue bedsheet” design easily mistaken for dozens other state flags.


the 1901 legislative document simply states “buff charged with the emblem of the State, a pine tree proper in the center and the polar star (a mullet of five points), in blue in the upper corner.” As long as this criterion is met, the flag should be considered a Maine state flag. Some flags today might have stylized pine trees or various shades of “buff” (beige).[1] The pine tree is a traditional symbol of New England and has been featured on New England flags since at least 1686, notably the Pine Tree Flag, although the White Pine as a symbol probably is derived from Native American usage going back to the Iroquois Tree of the Great Peace which was first used more than 800 years ago.


Custom made Tactical Cap Front Patch Highest Thread count embroidery, VELCRO® brand fastener backing.

Made in the USA

Don't forget we have the matching back of hat 1” x 3 3 / 4” morale patch!


Customer Reviews

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Kirk B.
unique design good quality

unique design good quality

Brian R.
A special flag patch!

Being the first flag of Maine it hold a very special significance to us all. The quality of this product is second to none. Crisp detail and exceptional strength in hook and loop and front patch quality. This company has done a great job of providing quality to us the customers. Thank you for this product.

Nathan T.

Love the new flag patch! Great quality and fast shipping. Very happy and have purchased 2 other patches since!

Joseph P.
Excellent quality. I'm glad I

Excellent quality. I'm glad I found Gadsden & Culpeper, even if by accident. Great company, run by (and employing) patriots.

Adam B.
Very nice stitching. High quality.

Very nice stitching. High quality. Fast shipping. Good price.