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3x5 ft War of 1812 Veterans Exempt Super-Poly Flag

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3x5 ft War of 1812 Veterans Exempt Super-Poly Flag

This flag’s material is a filament, warp knit polyester, producing a flag of good durability and color retention. This polyester material has an open weave that allows the flag to fly in very light breezes. Featuring white Polyester Duck heading and brass grommets.

From Ruffin Flag Supply ..Washington Georgia USA...Great American Company!

The Veteran Exempts The Veteran Exempts flag was used in the War of 1812 at the Battle of Plattsburgh, New York.

The Veteran Exempts, commanded by a Captain Melvin L. Woolsey, was a local New York militia company, formed in July of 1812, which was made up of veterans of the American Revolution who were otherwise exempt from military service because of their age. This Veteran Exempts flag may have been used at the Battle of Plattsburgh in upper New York, but no documentation exists that it was in fact used. The Battle, also known as the Battle of Lake Champlain, ended the final British invasion attempt of the northern United States during the War of 1812. Fought shortly before the signing of the Treaty of Ghent, the American victory denied the British leverage to demand exclusive control over the Great Lakes and any territorial gains against the New England states. Little other information is available on the flag or activities of the Veteran Exempts during the War of 1812.

Customer Reviews

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Brad D.
Not quite the same

The flag does not look the same as it does in the picture. The skull and crossbones are cartoonish with much less detail. With the price it is hard to complain though. Maybe just update the picture to accurately reflect what is shipping?

Kevin Y.
Great Flag!

This is my second time ordering the Battle of Plattsburgh, Veterans Exempt Flag. It is a great addition to the American Flag I fly. It is light and catches the wind nicely and is a nice clear image. As a note, the skull on the skull and crossbones is more like the historical version and not the anatomically correct one frequently seen.

Should've read the comments

I wish I would've read the comments prior to purchase in regards to actual flag sent vs one depicted. Could've bought this cartoon version in many other places, however I figured I would continue to support gadsden and Culpeper. Thought it was awesome they had a detailed flag... didn't think it would be misrepresented. Should've looked past the 4.5 stars.... little confused about that one as well

Little misleading

Flag is wonderful and a great addition to my collection, however the skull that is shown versus the one that is on the actual flag is quite different, a little more “cartoonish” I suppose, but it could also be more historically accurate. Just wish it would’ve been exactly as shown on the picture.

Thomas P.
Need to research more

The man’s name was Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey. Not Melvin. He was a former NYS Militia General. The flag is ok.