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3" Spartan Helmet Molon Labe Circle

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Size of patch: 3" diameter

A special digitally imprinted tactical patch for high detail.

..The defiant response MOLON LABE of King Leonidas I of Sparta to Xerxes I of Persia, when asked to surrender when outmanned at the onset of the Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC).

The Spartans (though defeated) inflicted heavy losses on the Persians such that their brethren Greek Warriors could later defeat the Persian Army.

Size of patch: 3" diameter

A complete line of custom made embroidered patches. Highest stitch count embroidery, ALL with VELCROÆ brand fastener backing.

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Jay N.
Ordered 2 for a couple shirts will be ordering more

Well made, i was pleased with quality and color. As a matter of fact your patches are a bit smoother and have a tighter hook on the velcro. However i also do cost analysis and for a dollar or less more you would be out nothing and may have a few happier customers i think if you were to make this a velcro (which patch is) but the loop iron on piece included. The circle then could be substantially easier to apply to anything. I'm lucky my shirts are already set up to receive the patch as the loop location is already on the clothing. However if ya just threw the loop circle with an iron on back on it i could see purchasing more. For far, far more items, even if you didn't make this a standard process, if it was available just before the checkout process and mentioned in item description as an option i could see it affecting potential sales. Many of us remove all patches prior to washing. And if for a few cents more i could get the other half I'd add this to more items in my wardrobe out of convenience. I currently have sheets from the local store i cut to fit and iron on as necessary but avoid it if possible. A competitor i also order from has the similar line up as your company from flags to custom and they include both sides of the velcro and your two prices are almost always within pennies of each other, as a matter of fact the picture i have included is of your Spartan and a competitors flag. I give you 5 stars, happily and will order more when my other shirts come in. I do have a few things i want them on so i may order a few more prior and just put my own loop sections on where needed. Even if the loop sections have to be sewn on, so be it. Fast delivery as well. Thank you from a pleased customer.

Stephen N.

3" Spartan Helmet Molon Labe Circle

Rand H.
Molon Labe

Great patch and symbol, means nothing if we don't act on it, if and when necessary! The product should have worldwide distribution and influence!

“I love the Spartans”

“ I love the Spartans a great group of people%2C the patch reminded me of them so I had to get it%2C I’m always thinking about Rome so their always on my mind”

Roy R.
Barely identifiable!

Not clear poor quality.