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2nd Amendment

Made in USA



Gadsden Flag Lapel Pin

These Don't Tread On Me pins are exclusive to Gadsden and Culpeper.

A subtle way to say DONT TREAD ON ME.

1” Long x .75” High Custom Enamel Coated Acrylic Pins. Jewelry quality, perfect detailing and color imagery. Brass tie tack.

The Original Dont Tread On Me Outfitters

Since colonial days, the rattlesnake has been used to portray the spirit of Americans. In 1774, Colonel Gadsden emphasized this by printing the legend "DONT TREAD ON ME" on his flag. The words swept the nation. The Culpeper Minutemen raised another defiant fist at the enemy by adding "LIBERTY OR DEATH" to Gadsden’s flag.