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Black Blood of Tyrants T-Shirt

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DTOM Snake left chest print, full back print t-shirt

Thomas Jefferson once said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

We almost agree: Let’s just use the Blood of Tyrants.

The Liberty Tree (1646–1775) was a famous elm tree that stood in Boston near Boston Common, in the days before the American Revolution. Ten years before the American Revolution, colonists in Boston staged the first act of defiance against the British government at the tree. The tree became a rallying point for the growing resistance to the rule of Britain over the American colonies.

In October 1966, the Boston Herald began running stories pointing out that the only commemoration of the Liberty Tree site was a grimy plaque on a building three stories above what is now the intersection of Essex and Washington Streets. Reporter Ronald Kessler found that the plaque, a block east of Boston Common, was covered with bird droppings and obscured by a Kemp’s hamburger sign. No one in the area had even noticed the site “where America was born.” Local guidebooks did not mention it. Kessler persuaded then Massachusetts Governor John A. Volpe to visit the site.

A photo of Volpe examining the plaque from a fire engine ladder appeared on page one of the 6 October 1966 edition of the Boston Herald. According to Kessler, Volpe promised to preserve the site in the form of a park with monuments, and "Edward J. Logue, the administrator of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, said the park would be a 'handsome, open space' with grass, benches, plaques explaining the history of the tree, and 'the largest elm tree that can be transported and is resistant to Dutch elm disease.'...That promise was never fulfilled."

The Boston Redevelopment Authority ultimately placed a small bronze plaque in the sidewalk across the street from the bas relief plaque. The plaque bears the inscription "Sons of Liberty, 1766; Independence of the Country, 1776." Kessler explored the subject further and presented the entire history of the Liberty Tree in "America Must Remember Boston's Liberty Tree".

Professionally Screen-printed by US Small Local Business

Customer Reviews

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Domenic C.
Phenomenal and comfortable shirt. Love

Phenomenal and comfortable shirt. Love it and how quickly it was shipped out. My only gripe is the shirts are not made in the USA and I would really like to see USA only products. That being said the website and purchasing was easy and it's just what I was looking for.

Ricky P.
Refreshing Freedom

Every so often Freedom has to be Refreshed by Patriots that are descendants of the ones that fought for the freedoms we have today. Take a stand, just as they did. I am sending a photo to go with my review but could not attach it here. Y'all need to add a place for photos.

Brian S.
Always great stuff from Gadsen and Culpepper!

I’ve got ordered numerous items from them and have ALWAYS been impressed. The only reason I’m not giving five stars is they have changed the tee shirt supplier and I liked the Gilden shirts better but it’s just my opinion.

Mark B.

Actually I have not received it yet. The post office said it didn't have an address on it . I have them the correct address but that was a week ago.I was thinking about just reordering it because I really was looking forward to getting it.Thank you for the feedback.

Jon L.
Good Value

Quality shirt well printed and worn with pride