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*** FREE SHIPPING WITH PURCHASE OF TWO T-SHIRTS (exludes clearance items) ***
*** FREE SHIPPING WITH PURCHASE OF TWO T-SHIRTS (exludes clearance items) ***

3'x5' MOLON LABE Super-Poly Flag

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Black 3'x5' Super-Poly MOLON LABE Super-Poly Flag

This flag’s material is a filament, warp knit polyester, producing a flag of good durability and color retention. This polyester material has an open weave that allows the flag to fly in very light breezes. Featuring white Polyester Duck heading and brass grommets.

From Ruffin Flag Supply ..Washington Georgia USA...Great American Company!

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Rhett C.
Come and take them!

Excellent flag at a bargain price. It hangs in my World History classroom and serves as a teaching tool. The only remorse would be in not buying it.

Miles S.
Great quality and for a good price too

Solid quality lightweight flag. The grommets seem to be strong and the stitching is very good, no loose, runaway threads and everything seems like it should. It's not double sided, meaning it only reads properly from one side but it's fine for me. The flag is lightweight and designed to blow in the smallest amount of wind (but it has held up in moderately strong winds) so its thin and it shows, you can actually see through the flag on bright days! Overall I would buy again and recommend to friends.

Todd Jones
Truly awesome

I absolutely love my Molon Labe flag and fly it daily.

rick p.
Good quality for the price

Good quality for the price

P. T.

Everything about is AWESOME!