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Bennington Embroidered Nylon Flag - Annin Co. 2 Sizes Available


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100% Nylon Bennington Embroidered  3 x 5 and 4x6 Ft - Brass Grommets

Our most durable flag. Made in USA by Annin Flag Co. The best flag you can buy. 

Embroidered Stars and "76".. Stitched Stripes 

The Bennington Flag is a version of the American Flag associated with the American Revolution Battle of Bennington, from which it derives its name.

Like many Revolution era flags, the Bennington features 13 stars and 13 stripes, symbolic of the 13 American colonies that were in a state of rebellion against Great Britain. The Bennington version is easily identified by a large '76' in the canton, recalling the year 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Another unique feature of the Bennington flag is the arrangement of the 13 stripes, alternating white-red (from either the top or bottom) instead of the more traditional red-white.

The Bennington Flag is a popular version of the American Flag, and many historic flag dealers carry it. The large '76' makes it easily identifiable as banner from the American Revolution, evoking Spirit of 76 nostalgia.

Made in USA

Nyl-Glo-100% SolarMax nylon for outdoor use.

Featuring white Polyester Duck heading and brass grommets.

Double needle seam with 4 rows back-stitch reinforcement. 





Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jonathant P.
Bennington Flag

Third flag bought from Annin flag line from Gadsen & Culpeper, had to cut many threads that were left hanging from the manufacturing process - quality of craftsmanship has been sliding in the wrong direction. Design is great. Neighbors like it to.

Cary N.
Great products arrived on time

Great products arrived on time

Sean G.
Very Satisfied Customer

Great quality. Stands up to the elements.

Clayton E.
Beautiful Flag at a great price.

I have purchased five variants of the American Flag from Gadsden & Culpeper and this is one of the most beautiful. I gave these as Christmas gifts this year and everyone was very happy. The quality of this flag is superior to many of the flags I have owned in the past. I have been flying one of these for the last three years and the colors are still fresh and there is no fraying. If your in the market for a historical US flag do your self a favor and take a look at this one.

Matthew H.
Iconic Bennington Flag

I remember seeing this flag periodically over the years, not realizing the Bennington flag has such historical significance. This iconic flag will be flown on July 4th and other holidays from now on. Love this flag!