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*** FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING with any Orders of $55 - AUTOMATIC ***

Crude Awakening - U.S. Oil Independence T-shirt - Sport Grey

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Peace Through Strength = Peace Through US OIL INDEPENDENCE!!!!! = FREEDOM

CRUDE AWAKENING T-SHIRT TO SUPPORT USA OIL INDEPENDENCE and Freedom From Foreign Dictators and Tyrants like IRAN, RUSSIA, VENEZUALA, SAUDIs & more. Remember Muammar Gaddafi?

USA will be a victim again and again. We need OIL Independence and a supplier to our allies!

1850 – 1865 - Black Gold Rush in PA during Industrial Revolution.

1880 - 1900  USA responsible for 85% of world’s crude oil production and refining.

Throughout the last century Crude Oil was the touchpoint in countless crises. 

1911 - Standard Oil Sherman Antitrust

1914 - WW1 - US begins importing

1920's - US Oil insecurity fears.

1928 - Red Line agreement vs England/France

1930 - US Oil production doubles.

1939 - World governments nationalize oil industries during the next decades.

1941 - Oil embargos by US to Japan leadup to Pearl Harbor. Japan fails to target 4 million barrel strtegic reserve in Hawaii (that fuels the Pacific fleet).

1945 - End of WW11. US becomes world oil, economic, & military superpower.

1956 - Suez Canal Crisis - Cold War tensions, Mid-East tensions, Egypt nationalizes the canal, 50% of traffic is Crude.

1960 - OPEC creation - They control 80% of crude exports

1967 - Arab Oil Embargo - OPEC threatens US. We raise production.

1971 - OPEC strengthens negotiating powers. Tehran & Tripoli Agreements

1973 - Oil Crisis - Yom Kippur War sparks Arab embargo to US Oil Imports

1974 - G8 formed to coordinate economies during oil emergencies.

1978 - Iranian Revolution. Iran oil out put reduced to zero. Global oil price doubles. 

1990 - Iraq Invades Kuwait. 

1997 - Kyoto Protocol - Environmentalists target US Oil Industry.

1999 - Communist leaning Venezuala & Russia nationalize oil industries.

2011 - Arab Spring Crisis in Libya

2015- Obama Rejects Keystone XL pipeline

2017 - Trump's America First Energy Plan. - Plan to boost US Oil production and US Energy Independence

2021 - Biden cancels Keystone XL pipeline

2022 - Russia War with Ukraine causing global oil turmoil. Record gasoline prices.


The Answer  is a Crude Awakeing!!!! - Let U.S. produce more oil!!!


We print all of our shirts right here in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Carrie L.

This t-shirt rocks and as usual I'm back to get more as someone has literally stolen the one off my back. Absolutely love the message! A MUST HAVE!

Rick B.
Crude Awakening!!!

Love the shirt!! Crude Awakening! The True Reality!!! Nothing wrong with going green but reality is probably 100 years away!!!

Benjamin H.

Everyone likes this adult learner shirt

Fantastic quality

Duncan C.
5 of 5

Sent one to my Oil & Gas Broker in Dallas
Gulf Coast Western and he/they loved it....

I would not be surprised if they order 300 and send one to each of thier investor partners

I will be ordering more for my family

Could add words such as..
"Drilling/Fracking for America!

I am a Fracked

Brittney S.
Love the shirt

Very nice quality shirt.