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Betsy Ross & USA Flag T-Shirt- 100% USA - Olive Drab

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13 stars and a Sleeve Print USA.

Respect to the PERCENT of Americans & The Founding Fathers who renounced tyranny! and FOUGHT for the REPUPLIC

One of the solutions to our nation’s problems is MORE Americans have to search, fine and PURCHASE 100% Made in the USA products. 

The American apparel companies - Bayside Clothing and Port Authority, our local screen-printers and Gadsden and Culpeper made this t-shirt. We are proud to promote Made in the USA.

We hope you will support our efforts!

Professionally Screen-printed by US Small Local Business

What do the red, white, and blue of the flag represent?
The Continental Congress left no record to show why it chose the colors. However, in 1782, the Congress of the Confederation chose these same colors for the Great Seal of the United States and listed their meaning as follows:

Red: Valor and hardiness,
White: Purity and innocence
Blue: Vigilance, perseverance, and justice.
According to legend, George Washington interpreted the elements of the flag this way: the stars were taken from the sky, the red from the British colors, and the white stripes signified the secession from the home country.