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*** FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING with any Orders of $55 Automatic ***

Crude Awakening - U.S. Oil Independence T-shirt - Black

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Peace Through Strength = Peace Through US OIL INDEPENDENCE!!!!! = FREEDOM

CRUDE AWAKENING T-SHIRT TO SUPPORT USA OIL INDEPENDENCE and Freedom From Foreign Dictators and Tyrants like IRAN, RUSSIA, VENEZUALA, SAUDIs & more. Remember Muammar Gaddafi?

USA will be a victim again and again. We need OIL Independence and a supplier to our allies!

1850 – 1865 - Black Gold Rush in PA during Industrial Revolution.

1880 - 1900  USA responsible for 85% of world’s crude oil production and refining.

Throughout the last century Crude Oil was the touchpoint in countless crises. 

1911 - Standard Oil Sherman Antitrust

1914 - WW1 - US begins importing

1920's - US Oil insecurity fears.

1928 - Red Line agreement vs England/France

1930 - US Oil production doubles.

1939 - World governments nationalize oil industries during the next decades.

1941 - Oil embargos by US to Japan leadup to Pearl Harbor. Japan fails to target 4 million barrel strtegic reserve in Hawaii (that fuels the Pacific fleet).

1945 - End of WW11. US becomes world oil, economic, & military superpower.

1956 - Suez Canal Crisis - Cold War tensions, Mid-East tensions, Egypt nationalizes the canal, 50% of traffic is Crude.

1960 - OPEC creation - They control 80% of crude exports

1967 - Arab Oil Embargo - OPEC threatens US. We raise production.

1971 - OPEC strengthens negotiating powers. Tehran & Tripoli Agreements

1973 - Oil Crisis - Yom Kippur War sparks Arab embargo to US Oil Imports

1974 - G8 formed to coordinate economies during oil emergencies.

1978 - Iranian Revolution. Iran oil out put reduced to zero. Global oil price doubles. 

1990 - Iraq Invades Kuwait. 

1997 - Kyoto Protocol - Environmentalists target US Oil Industry.

1999 - Communist leaning Venezuala & Russia nationalize oil industries.

2011 - Arab Spring Crisis in Libya

2015- Obama Rejects Keystone XL pipeline

2017 - Trump's America First Energy Plan. - Plan to boost US Oil production and US Energy Independence

2021 - Biden cancels Keystone XL pipeline

2022 - Russia War with Ukraine causing global oil turmoil. Record gasoline prices.


The Answer  is a Crude Awakeing!!!! - Let U.S. produce more oil!!!


We print all of our shirts right here in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Terry Chandler

Great shirt

Phil O'Connell
What I was thinking.

On point about subject,great quality.

Randy A.
My husband wears your t

My husband wears your t shirts all the time! .he always gets comments someone walking by says I really like your shirt!! .We sell at outdoor street fairs. THANK YOU for being their with us.

Laura A.

good quality, my husband and son love the t-shirt. Received lots of great compliments.

Brendan S.

Shirt fits and feels great!